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JC Cunningham is an independent Technical Consultant with 25 years of experience on the Walker Interactive Systems products.

Send email to jc@softwaremiracles.com.

Or call 888-857-6164.


Call 888-857-6164 for availability.

Live in Phoenix area.  Prefer telecommute over travel.

Experience overview

B.S. in Computer Science.

35 years professional experience in the computer industry.

25 years experience with the Walker Financials, including development, support, quality assurance, technical writing, training, technical consulting, functional consulting, and project management.

Worked as a Senior Specialist (heavy technical with extensive functional knowledge) for Walker's Professional Services Division for over 5 years.

Extensive experience with the Tamaris applications, especially General Ledger, Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable (CARMS), and Billing.

Extensive experience with the Tamaris tools, including Reportbuilder, Screenbuilder, Validator, TID, Maintainer, Fast/Trans, Multi/Trans, TGS, DOP, Integrator, Connector, DB2 FAMs, IOBKRSTR, and JCL.

Experience with non-Tamaris tools, including Walker SelfServe, Essbase, WalkerClient GUI, Horizon Analytical tools.

Taught numerous courses, consistently receiving positive feedback from the students.  Courses included:
Introduction to Walker (WK117)
Personalizing Walker (AT117)
Maintainer, TGS, and DOP (AT217)
Advanced Reportbuilder (AT317)
CICS/DB2 System Architecture (TE217)
Designing and Coding FAMs (TE317)

Mentored new Walker employees and client personnel.

Also experienced with other technologies, including Java, HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic, VBA, FrontPage, Active Server Pages, SQL, UNIX, C, COBOL, assembler languages, Microsoft Access, and others.  I can Web-enable your Walker applications!  Check out this websiste I developed using Java, JSP, and MySql to provide online courses for the ham radio license exams.

Project Examples

Technical lead for a major implementation of GL (MBA), AP, PO, CARMS, Billing, PCM, Q&R, DSS, GUI, and Horizon.

Technical lead for the migration of a client's GL, AP, and PO systems to a new Walker release.

Application DBA for an implementation of CARMS, CORE, and Billing.

Created an Intranet front-end for a CARMS and Billing system using Walker's SelfServe e-business product.  (Click to see my free, Web-based Walker SelfServe Object Replicator Tool.)

Developed mainframe jobs to extract data from the GL database and send it to a PC server, and PC jobs to load the data into Essbase.  Wrote Essbase calculation scripts to do custom allocations on the data.

I have developed dozens of new transactions. For example:

Designed and implemented a DOP-based "Fast Invoice" transaction for fast creation of invoices against a PO. When the invoice amount matches the full remaining PO amount, the PO lines are copied automatically to the invoice in a single step. When the invoice does not exactly match the remaining PO amount, the DOP transaction allows easy creation of the invoice from the PO data.

Designed and implemented a "Fast Receiving" transaction, allowing quick and easy entry of receipts against a PO. Allows complete receipt of an entire PO in one step, or line-by-line processing of full or partial receipts and returns.

Supervised design and implementation of a "Fast Payment" transaction, which automatically selects multiple invoices for payment based on user criteria and creates manual payment records.

Designed and implemented a "Fast Journal Entry" transaction, pulling together the functionality of the 120, 122, 123, and 128 transactions onto a single DOP screen.

I have implemented and supervised the implementations of dozens of reports. For example:

Supervised the implementation of reports to print Requisitions, Bids, and PO's.

Implemented reports to print checks and overflow remittance advices.

Implemented reports to forecast spending and show spending trends.

Implemented reports to analyze errors in the 1099 accumulation files (SCE5500 and SCE5600) caused by two software bugs and some conversion issues, and to calculate the correct values and update the 1099 amounts in the database.

Implemented numerous reports against non-Walker files accessed through Reportbuilder's non-IOSYS File I/O capability.  This can be a much faster way of implementing reports on external data than writing COBOL programs.  (Click here to see how it's done.)

Taught Reportbuilder programmers how to dramatically improve the performance of reports using custom FAMs and other techniques.

I have implemented and supervised the implementations of dozens of DB2 File Access Modules (FAMs). For example:

Implemented dozens of new DB2 tables and the FAMs to access them.

Implemented FAMs to read DB2 data from external systems. Some of these FAMs included special conversion routines in assembler language to convert data from non-Walker formats.

Implemented dozens of FAMs containing complex SQL functionality (e.g., joins, data filtering, aggregate functions, GROUP BY, etc.).  For instance, made one client's custom GL Template reports run 4 times faster by moving join and data filtering functionality into specialized FAMs.  (Click here to see how.)  By moving processing into SQL statements in specialized FAMs, I can make many reports or transactions run 2 to 10 times faster!

Created a FAM to implement complex value prompting requirements for a client using field-level security.  The FAM included special bridge calls to get access to fields in the RINP.

I have developed two different GL Archive/Purge systems:

For one very high volume client, developed customized GL purge jobs using various DB2 and BMC utilities.  Developed reports to run against the archived data.

For another client, developed an Archive/Purge system to remove GL detail records from the database, and an online Restore/Release system to bring them temporarily back online on demand.

Created a Connector exit to allow reports to do data type conversions and access files with binary keys.

Assisted in conversion of a newly-acquired subsidiary from PeopleSoft to Walker.

Designed and implemented a check run scheduling system.


Taken numerous courses, including:
Most Tamaris technical and functional courses
WalkerClient GUI
Essbase Fundamentals
Attended Inter/Actions 6 times

Received certification as a Sun Certified Java Programmer, May 1998.

Received certification as a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) specializing in Windows Architecture, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Access, July 1997.

Received B.S. in Computer Science, with honors, North Carolina State University, May 1977.


Resume and references available upon request.

Send e-mail to jc@softwaremiracles.com.


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