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Walker SelfServe Object Replicator Tool

JC's Walker SelfServe Object Replicator is a free Web-based tool that assists in generating HTML
containing repeating objects (e.g. DOP or multi-Maintainer) for use with Walker SelfServe.

by JC Cunningham

Skip the instructions and go straight to JC's Walker SelfServe Object Replicator Tool.

What is JC's Walker SelfServe Object Replicator?

One tedious and error-prone task in customizing Walker SelfServe HTML pages is to keep all objects in a repeating object block (e.g., multi-Maintainer or DOP) in sync.  You must manually apply every change to each individual object, being extremely careful that all the RINP displacements remain correct.

This free Web-based tool simplifies that task by automatically regenerating your objects based on the changes you have made to the first object.  In the process it automatically calculates the correct RINP displacements, even including the DOP object action displacements!

No more tedious editing each object!  No more manually calculating changed displacements!  No more mistakes or differences in replicated objects!

How do you use JC's Walker SelfServe Object Replicator?

There are two ways to use the Object Replicator.  The first time you are using the Object Replicator on a page:

Paste the code for your first object into the "Input Text" box.

Set the "DOP?" checkbox to show whether your objects are to be used with Walker's Dialog Object Processor (DOP).

Provide the starting displacement of your first object, the number of objects desired, and the length of each object.

Press Submit. Your replicated objects will appear in the bottom box.

Copy the results (including the comments) into your HTML in place of the existing objects. You're done!

If your page already contains replicated objects created by the generator (and if you left the generated comments intact):

Paste your entire HTML page into the "Input Text" box.

Press TAB to leave the "Input Text" box. The Object Replicator will fill in the answers to all questions
based on the generated comments in your code.

Change the parameters (e.g., number of objects, object length), if  desired.

Press Submit. Your updated HTML page will appear in the bottom box.  Changes you have made to the  first object
will be replicated into all other objects.

Use the updated HTML page in place of your original page!

Additional tips:

If you need radio buttons with values that are different for each object, include exactly the following syntax
within your object.  The object generator will substitute sequential numbers for the VALUE parameter.


Click to execute JC's Walker SelfServe Object Replicator Tool.