Turning off Warning Messages in Walker Batch Processing
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Turning off Warning Messages in Walker Batch Processing

How to turn off warning messages in Walker batch processing
and reduce the batch audit report to a more manageable size.

Why Turn off Warning Messages?

Many Walker transactions, especially in the Procurement products, often  return warning messages to inform the user when default actions have occurred or default values have been taken.  Online, these warning messages cause no problems.  When processing transactions in batch, however, these warning messages can fill up the IIFS/777 batch audit report, making it difficult to find the more important error messages.

Many Walker clients may wish to turn off the warning messages in batch processing to make the batch audit report more useful.

How do you do it?

The good news is that Walker has enhanced the E2 version to allow turning off warnings.  Unfortunately, the documentation update didn't make it into the E2 release.

If you are running on a pre-E2 version, you can either wait until you upgrade to E2, or you can install the PSU L27647 into your current version.  (Joe says it's safe to apply this PSU "out of sequence.")

If you are already running on the E2 version, just set column 32 of you batch signon card to a value of 'E'.  You will only get transactions that have errors on your batch audit report.

Information provided by Joe Culley

Write-up by JC Cunningham